The Team

Who We Are

Brody Gassen

Idea and Spark Guy

Master Builder

Lead Creative Artist

Unstoppable Force

Positivity that knows no bounds

"Building smiles" - Brody

Daniel Gassen

Quality Control

Master Builder

Self-proclaimed Voice of Reason

Fact Checker

"False. Let me show you." - Daniel

Cynthia Gassen

CEO / Board of Directors

Mom-of-the-year as voted on by the team

"Put it on my schedule" - Mom


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David Fenton

Board of Directors

Psychiatric Hospital Administrator

The real "Voice of Reason"

Late because of another meeting

"Yeah, I can do that" - David

Cassidy Martin

Board of Directors

Assisted Living Administrator

The above listed Board of Directors' "Boss"

Enough Said

"Go to bed David" - Cassidy